About Us

About us

One of the top-notch CPA
Affiliate Networks that aims to bridge
the relationship between
leading Advertisers and high-quality Publishers

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Our story

Before ausaffiliate was officially established in 2010, our founders had always borne in mind the idea of building a world-class Affiliate Network since their college time. Starting with 5 skillful and enthusiastic members, they have managed to bring the business to its expansion today with more than 70 employees across 7 departments and an owned building in 2022.

We work towards a clear, professional procedure, in combination with providing direct and competitive campaigns to create sustainable values.

We commit to striving and taking responsibility to deliver the best business achievement for our clients and partners.

We want to build a brand that delivers real values to our clients in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

To be among the best CPA affiliate networks in the world.

To be among the best CPA affiliate networks in the world.

To be among the best CPA affiliate networks in the world.

A diverse selection of best-converted campaigns and competitive payouts.

Timely and flexible payment terms with detailed performance reports for all publishers.

Outstanding services, highly experienced teams with dedicated assistance.


24/7 Support
Diverse offers with high payout
Flexible & Secure payment
Top conversion offers
Professional workflow
Anti-fraud tools
Hi-tech platform
Bonus for partners

Message from our

Founder - Jamien Bannister

Progressive is our spirit,

Affiliate Network is our business model.

We aim to create win-win relationships among advertisers, publishers, and us!